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Before installing laminate flooring, it’s helpful to keep a few basic facts in mind: the dimensions and any special characteristics of the room, available tools and materials, and the preferred thickness and structure of the flooring. You start with the underlayment.

YouTube Video – Unterlage für den Laminatboden

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Various underlayment materials are available for meeting different requirements. On mineral substrates, it’s essential to spread a vapour barrier before installing underlayments to insulate against impact sound and reflected walking noise. This is the basis for laying the actual laminate flooring using the “cut-and-clic” method.

YouTube Video – Laminatboden selbst verlegen

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Laying laminate panels is child’s play because the panels simply snap together when angled and then pressed with a thumb. Our DIY specialist, Thomas, shows how much space should be left along walls and between joints. Here’s a tip: you don’t need a rule to cut them to size! And what about special situations like doors and heating installations?

YouTube Video – Laminat an Türen und Heizungsrohren richtig verlegen

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special situations

If you don’t want to shorten door frames, this clip shows an alternative. It’s also easy to install flooring around heating pipes. The room is rounded off with accessories.

YouTube Video – Laminatboden-Zubehör

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What about transitions to other rooms? The last step is placing the skirting boards – the different styles give the room a special touch. Now the important thing is proper care.

YouTube Video – Laminatboden - Pfege und Reparatur

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care & repair

Laminate floors last a long time if they’re properly cared for and treated. Visible damage can be quickly and easily fixed: DIY specialist Thomas shows how to replace a whole panel in the middle of a floor.

Installation | rooms – exclusiv flooring

rooms-products can be installed quickly, safely and are durable. Boards are angled in on the long sides, and easily pushed down on the short. Forget hammers, tapping blocks and pulling bars! An inbuilt plastic strip connects individual boards to the next with high precision. With only a few simple actions you will obtain a professional result in minutes a short time.

komplette Verlegeanleitung

Quality / Guarantee | rooms – exclusiv flooring

Not only do rooms floors meet the prescribed norms, they consistently exceed them! This is possible because SWISS KRONO TEX GmbH & Co. KG adopts a fully-integrated approach to production (from the tree through to the finished panel), and has numerous control and measuring devices at its disposal. For this reason, SWISS KRONO TEX GmbH & Co. KG can offer guarantees which go far and beyond warranties under law. You will be hard pressed to find any other producer who can do likewise.

SWISS KRONO TEX GmbH & Co. KG provides buyers in addition to the unencumbered guarantee under law, an additional guarantee covering the abrasion resistance of the floor’s surface. It extends from the date of purchase and covers the products as follows. (Length of the warranty period: see collections)

Conditions of guarantee

rooms laminate panels must be checked before and during installation for any defects. No liability is accepted for laminate flooring installed despite visible defects. rooms laminate floors must be installed properly according to the instructions, in a dry room, and in accordance with the respective use class. No liability is accepted for rooms laminate floors installed in damp rooms. Abrasion areas on rooms laminate floors must be clearly visible and at least 1 cm² in size. And in particular the design layer must be completely abraded. No liability is accepted for abrasion on the edges of the elements or for unusual or improper use, and in particular for damage caused by mechanical stress. Validity of guarantee is dependent on regular cleaning and maintenance of SWISS KRONO TEX GmbH & Co. KG floors as described in the care instructions. Claims under guarantee are valid only if submitted within 30 days of ascertaining damage and accompanied by the original receipt from the retailer. In investigating a guarantee claim, SWISS KRONO TEX GmbH & Co. KG retains the right to examine the floor in question on site.

Our guarantee

In cases falling under guarantee, SWISS KRONO TEX GmbH & Co. KG will deliver a replacement for the damaged element. If the flooring in question is no longer available, then the buyer can choose a replacement of equal value from the current rooms product line. Since an annual 10 % depreciation in the value of rooms laminates can be assumed, delivery of a compensation product is dependent on payment of the appropriate difference by the buyer. No liability is accepted for further damages, especially consequential damages such as those incurred during installation or removal, or transport costs for damaged rooms laminate floors.

Environmental protection from the very start

We provide you with complete transparency in order to compare us fairly with other manufacturers.

Through the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) we are disclosing fully and voluntarily the ecological tally of our wooden products. The EPD is allocated by the ‘Institut Bauen und Umwelt’ (institute for building and the environment) and is recognised worldwide as an ecolabel according to ISO standard 14025.

The focus of our environmental management is ecological efficiency. Each product leaving our factory has to be not only excellent value for money but also has to be ecologically sound during the whole of its life cycle. This ranges from using certified raw materials coming from sustainable forestry, to our strictly controlled production processes, and the long product life all the way to its environmentally friendly disposal.

In order to achieve solid improvements in all our operations, we provide continuous information and seminars to strengthen the ecological awareness of all our employees.

Product specification | rooms – exclusiv flooring

Test Characteristics Test Method
Formaldehyde emission < 0,05 ppm EN 717-1
Surface stain resistance Grade 5, no visible changes to surface EN 438-2, 15
Lightfastness ≥ Level 6 Blue Wool Scale
≥ Level 4 Grey Scale
EN ISO 105-B02
EN 20 105-A02
Resistance to cigarette embers Grade 4, no visible changes to surface EN 438-2, 18
Fire resistance Ignites with difficulty, at least Cfl-s1 EN 13501-1
Height difference between connected elements Average: ≤ 0,10 mm
max: ≤ 0,15 mm
EN 13329
Edge straightness (bend) ≤ 0,3 mm/m EN 13329
Openings between connected elements Average: ≤ 0,15 mm
max: ≤ 0,20 mm
EN 13329
Static indentation < 0.01 mm – no visible changes
Impression in test with straight steel cylinder of 11.3 mm diameter
EN 433

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