Don’t be scared of water
thanks to the Aqua Pearl system


We all know what it’s like: you pop outside for a few minutes, and, as the weather’s so nice, you don’t bother closing the windows. And then the heavens open. A brief downpour doesn’t just leave your clothes sodden – it leaves your floor at home drenched, too, if you’ve left the windows open.

If you like painting, doing crafts or engaging in a spot of DIY, you’ll be all too familiar with this common situation: your attention is diverted and something splatters onto the floor, despite all the precautions you took – oil, paint, water, dough, modelling clay and so many more substances end up on our floors.

And if you have four-legged friends sharing your home, you can bank on up-ended water bowls, pawprints on the floor or various mishaps with glasses or flowerpots.
And, speaking of flowerpots, not all the water goes into the pot when you’re watering your plants. Some of it splashes on the floor – and you might not always notice it right away.

ROOMS floors are the solution for all these situations. Their Aqua Pearl system protects floors against water and all kinds of liquids; they resist spills for up to 24 hours. Our time at home can be incredibly hectic, so you need to give it your all. And if you don’t deal with an accident immediately, there’s no need to worry: your floor’s got your back.

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